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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg in India Today: 1st Summit

Mark Zuckerburg is in India (Delhi), today for the first Summit. The summit supports’s efforts to accelerate connectivity in India by addressing a variety of barriers to internet access, including the lack of relevant local content and services. You can watch highlights of the keynote and follow along with updates from the summit in the video embed below. In a post on facebook he said: I’m in Delhi, India for our first Summit. Over the last year we’ve been working to overcome the major barriers preventing more than 4 billion people from connecting to the internet. We...

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Search old posts by keyword on Facebook

It has always been a tough task to search old posts / updates on facebook as there is no feature to handle this kinda request at present but it seems the scenario will not be same soon, as Facebook Inc. is testing a new feature on its mobile application that will allow people to search old posts from friends by using keywords. Since, the tool is in testing phase, it is available to only some of its members for now. With the help of this new tool, users will now be able to search through content that was previously available...

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Upcoming Self Destructing Posts on Facebook

Facebook is testing a new feature dubbed as self destructing posts that will allow users to schedule a post for deletion. The feature will be more or less similar to the schedule posts feature of Pages. As told to The Huffington Post by a Facebook spokesperson, they are running a small pilot of a feature on Facebook for iOS that lets people schedule deletion of their posts in advance. Although it is yet not confirmed as to when exactly did Facebook start the test but it is reported that a few users have spotted the option called – “Choose Expiration”...

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How to set animated kinda picture as facebook cover

Guys this post is just a small trick which came to my mind when i was passing my time browsing old wallpapers on my computer system. You don’t believe that i am going to set a animation effect as  facebook cover right i knew that, that’s why i want you to see this post embeding of facebook cover update activity: Post by Looks cool isn’t it? Do you trust me now? If your answer is yes then i recommend that you should not because the picture you are seeing here which is set as an cover pic on facebook...


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