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How to Get Higher Rankings in Search Engine ?

It is the evergreen question since the birth of internet and search engines,as every business is moving online and the competition is getting tougher everybody wants to be at the top in the search engines to grab as much attention of there customers or visitors as possible.

Most website owner want's to see their website higher in search engine like Yahoo, Bing, and especially in Google Search Engine and most probably you are one of them,so how to attain these high rankings, the answer to this question is simple,SEO.

search engine ranking optimization what is seo

What is SEO ?

SEO is  the process to optimize your website for search engines and get better/higher rankings in search results,often called as Search Engine Optimization. It is simply done to get better rankings in Organic results of SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).It is also called as Search Engine Marketing.

How to do  SEO of an website ?

SEO can be basically done in Two Ways:

  1. On Page SEO.
  2. Off Page SEO.
  • On Page Optimization: On Page Optimization are activities which are performed on the website pages itself.
Following are the ways of On Page Optimization:
1. Maintaining Keyword Density 12. Analysis of Website
2. Create an account on Bing Webmaster Tools for site analysis 13. Create an account on Google Webmaster Tools for deeper site analysis
3. Linking Internal Articles 14. Meta Tags (Title, Description and Keywords Optimization)
4. Making Submission Details 15. URL Optimization
5. Uses of Bold Tags and H1, H2 16. Image Optimization (Using Alt Tag)
6. Feedburner feed creation 17. Proper 301 Redirection
7. PAD File 18. Content
8. RSS Feed submission 19. Keyword Analysis (Using Different Analysis Tools)
9. Sitemap.xml submission 20. Yahoo Site Explorer
10. Sitemap Inclusion 21. Alexa Rank Optimization
11. Robots.txt file 22. proper 404 Redirection for pages not found


  • Off Page Optimization: Off Page Optimization is done through other websites as the medium without doing any activities on our own website,it is simply building backlinks from external website towards our website,as google ranks sites with quality backlinks higher in their search results ,it can be done in various ways as listed below.
Following are the ways of Off Page Optimization:
1. Link Building:Includes One Way,Two Way,Three Way Link Building 11. Video Submission
2. Bookmark Submission (Also Called as Social Media Optimization) (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace etc.) 12. Answer Submission
3. Article Submission 13. Classifieds Submission
4. Press Release 14. Comment Posting
5. Directory Submission 15. Using Profile Making
6. Deep Link Submission 16. Email Marketing
7. Yellow Page Listing 17. Newsletter
8. Local Listing 18. Group Makings
9. Forum Submission 19. Logo Sharing
10. Document Sharing

With the above activities you can do SEO for your website,and getter better rankings in search engines,note that it takes sometime to get indexed in search engines and changes to get effective and become noticeable.

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