Top Funny Google Tricks You must Know

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Google is the Number One Search Engine, we use it Daily In fact we need it daily to search our Queries.But do you know there are some Awesome Google Tricks that you can play and have fun around with Google.Today we will see some of these awesome and funny Google Tricks that you must try and  know about.

Google working on command prompt

Following Are some Best Google Tricks :

  • Do a Barrel Roll: Goto and just Type "Do a " And check the Screen, Or Type "Do a Barrel Roll" and Click on I m feeling lucky and See theMagic.
  • Zerg Rush:Just Goto And Search For Zerg Rush And see the magic of Google.
  • elgooG:Goto and Search for any thing,You will see the Results in Mirror Image.
  • Google Sphere:Go to and Type Google Sphere and Click on I m feeling Luckyor click the 1st Search Result.
  • Let Me Google It for You:Goto and Search anything For your Friends who are lazy to Search.just Goto above link .. search anything and you will get the URL. Just send The url To you Friend.
  • Google Gravity:Goto and Type Google Gravityand click on I m Feeling lucky or Click the 1st Search Result.
  • Play Pacman On google:Awesome Way to kill Boring Time. Play Pacman... Click here and Start Playing.
  • Google Underwater :Search under water, Funny Trick Just Click here and Enjoy...
  • Rainbow Google:Just Goto and Type Rainbow Google and click on I m Feeling Lucky or Click on 1st Search Result.
  • Disappearing "oo" From "Google":Now this is the Fun Trick you can Play with your Friends. Click  here to visit the page and then click any where in White space of search box and you will see that "oo" In the Google have Vanished, To birng them back click any where again and They will appear again....Then You will be Redirected To Google.
  • Google Tilt:Just type "Tilt" In Google And see the magic.
  • Google Terminal:Click here to access google and work with terminal command line.
  • Google Guitar:Click here to access google guitar and play different melodies while you type characters on search box.
    google guitar trick
    Google Tricks:Guitar Trick
  • Google Snake:Click here to play snakes on google logo picture.
  • Google Location:Browser Geolocation API is a new feature introduced in HTML5 Websites Websitescan get your location information from browsers that support Geolocation API to bring you better service which can be shown on Google map with the help of your location information gathered from your browser click here to try it out.
  • Extra Tricks:Click here to find more interesting webpage tricks.
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