Five Search Engine Operators used for SEO

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What are Search Engine Operators ?

The search engine operators are the specialĀ  keywords which follows a predefined syntax which is used to filter the queries made to search engine and produce desired results for accessing only the relevant information which is required for analysis of seo of a website.

search engine operators seo operators

There are many types of search engine operators being usedĀ  for checking the seo of a website and knowing its status in search engines among its competitors. But out of many only five search engine Operators are important for Search Engine Optimization of any website. SEO professionals are using these operators to know the exact value of a website and they may find where that particular website stands in the crowd the top five search engine operators are as follows:

5 Search Engine Operators used for SEO

(1) Link: This operator will show the number of backlinks of a website.

  • Example: You can Use Google Search Engine to know how many backlinks your website have ,Simply go to and type and you will get the total backlinks to your website.

Remember to replace "yourwebsitename" with the name of your own website for example if i want to find the backlinks to my site then i would type the query as in google search engine,and then hit enter.

(2) Cache: This operator shows the exact date and time when the search engine crawler last visited to your website.

  • Example: Go to and type (It will show exact date and time when search engine robot visit to your website).

(3) Site: This operator will show how much pages of your website has been indexed by the search engine.

  • Example: Type in googgle search engine box and hit enter.It will show number of pages indexed by search engine.

(4) Info: This will show the information about your website home page. It will show only home page of your website. With this operator you may know about the Fake Page Rank

  • Example:

(5) Related: This operator will show similar pages from other website. You can check the competitor's of your website by using this search engine operator.

  • Example: Go to google and type now hit enter.

I Hope you would like these operators and find them handy enough to improve the Search Engine Optimization of your website by gathering just the important information you need and saving your precious time as i always say & we all know that:

"Time Is Money"

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