Facebook Graph Search:How to Enable New Look Manually

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Have You Ever Thought Why Facebook Graph Search Was Introduced Along With The Facebook New Look?

Here is your answer,it has been long time since the birth of worlds biggest addiction facebook and since then facebook has been bringing a lot of changes continuously  whether that's in technology they use,security they provide or just the way facebook looks.

facebook graph search new look 1

The most significant changes which have been seen are in the way the facebook displays data this is the only change which the users can observe in the front end.

Few months back facebook introduced New Timline Profile which i personally hated as it cluttered everything in the beginning & used to take a lot of time to load but as time passed the facebook made it simple more chronological,arranged in the orderly manner and fast thus  i like it now.

The only drawback is you cannot show off by setting those long large profile pictures which you used to set earlier to impress your friends but the plus point is you are now provided with the large space for setting your cover pic ,where previously used to reside the banner including 5 recently tagged pics.

But as the time has passed the users have started  turning there backs to facebook they are not anymore interested in just surfing through the facebook news feed, tagging pics or the way facebook looks etc.They want to spend their time in searching something more productive and beneficial.

facebook graph search new look with more suggestions and options

But Along with the Fact mentioned above Facebook is also well aware of the fact that:

  • It has a huge database which can be used by it's users to search for much of the info on/from facebook itself.
  • If they don't take facebook to next level they would end up with a huge decrease in number of facebook users within just few years.

Keeping the above things in mind facebook rolled its  new feature called as Facebook Graph Search  backed up with the web search in collaboration to microsoft search engine Bing,for sure facebook doesn't want to die early or let its users  bounce off once they land to facebook,

What is Facebook Graph Search?

The facebook graph search  is the new feature of facebook which can be used to search data and information about friends,people,pages or things within both facebook and web from facebook itself.

facebook graph search new look for searching for friends or anything else by name

What's New in Facebook Graph Search?

With Facebook Graph Search came the Facebook new look the notifications messages and settings area shifted to the right most corner which used to be at the left most in header of old facebook,the left area of header now contains new facebook logo which is just a small letter 'f' displayed in white floated which a larger search bar on its right,which earlier used to be a complete word 'Facebook' followed by a small search bar.

So lets see how to enable Facebook Graph Search and its new look,though its the old news and facebook has already started rolling out the graph search automatically and compulsorily everywhere there are still people who don't have it,if you are one of them then follow these simple steps:

Steps to enable Facebook Graph Search New Look

  1. Go to your facebook account.
  2. Login into the facebook if you are not already logged in.
  3. Now go to the search bar at the topmost center part of the facebook header which you use to search for friends on facebook using there emails,username etc.
  4. Now hit enter and wait for the results to appear and the process to complete.
  5. Now you would see a green buttton at the end of the search results labelled as "Enable Graph search".
  6. Click on this button and wait for the page to reload and complete the process.
  7. Here you go now your facebook should have got the graph search enabled along with its new look.
  8. You can now take a tour from facebook to understand its new features.

Why enable Facebook graph search?

  • With Facebook graph search you can search more precisely.
  • You can search for friends or anything else just by using names.
  • You can set more filters to your search & get only required specific results.
  • You can now use simple phrases to explore your connections.

facebook graph search new look for searching by simple phrases

  • You will have more suggestions and options.
  • You definitely don't wanna remain outdated among your friends.
  • The new look is more fluid and responsive to screen sizes thus loads and fits better in different screen sizes making it simple for you to surf & search from any device.


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