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Limit min|max characters in buddypress registration form

Hi there today we are going to see how to limit the minimum or maximum number of characters allowed in the buddypress registration form. People who are managing a buddypress powered community may be well aware of the problem of spam or fake account registrations. My site(Brainlubricator) was also suffering from the same problem until i decided to do something about it. Small Story: From many days i have been noticing that people or bot whatever it may be are registering on my site with names like SU KU, ZU JK etc where SU=First name and KU=Last name but these...

wordpress plugin installation

Installing plugins in wordpress

There are two ways through which you can install  the plugins, Through dashboard search and direct install and Through web search download and the upload method. We are going to discuss both the methods step by step now Through dashboard search and direct install: In this method you have to log in to your WordPress admin dashboard Now go and mouse over the Plugins option from sidebar menu of your dashboard Now select Add new from the fly out menu which appeared from mouse over on plugins option when the new page gets loaded you will see a search bar with...

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Lifecycle of an Hacker :The Attack Strategy

Today we are going to discuss about the strategy of an hacker or say his/her lifecycle of an attack.The world has changed alot since 90s and so does the attack strategy of an hacker previously the main purpose was to penetrate gain access steal data or do damage and elope but now things have changed ,the hackers of todays era tries to maintain there access and stay unnoticed as long as possible. So mainly there are four phases in the lifecycle of an hacking attack: Information Gathering Finding vulnerability & Gaining Access Maintaining Access Clearing Trackbacks There are 4 main...

So Boys dont cry: Lets Think Twice !!! 0

So Boys dont cry: Lets Think Twice !!!

The hard and fast rule Boys dont cry has always had a huge impact in the life of both men and women in long term and still remained unnoticed until now but not any more.Watch this really impacting short video with a very strong message to know more. The society has always asserted how shameful it is for a boy to cry. Time and time again, we are reminded that real men don’t cry. Girls cry. While emphasizing this pointless proposition, we forget what’s really important. There’s nothing wrong with crying. But there’s everything wrong with making someone cry. And...


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