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Split wordpress posts in two or more pages

Sometimes you may  need to split wordpress posts into several pages particularly when it is too long ,just to maintain the interest of your readers in the subject you are talking about or in simple words to make it less overwhelming for your readers. Luckily wordpress provides a very simple functionality to accomplish this without requiring you to do a whole lot of work,what you just need to do is take your cursor to the point where you want to add a page break , and type in the following code: <!–nextpage–> Yup thats it as easy as that. Note:Just...

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Add live search like Facebook|Google to your wordpress site

Are you on facebook of course that was a silly question everyone is on facebook ,more intelligent question would be have you ever used facebook search for finding friends, business pages or things you  have interest in? considering your answer as yes,it works like a charm isn’t it, yes it do.It starts searching for things from the very first moment you type a letter into the search box just like google. Now how about incorporating a same kind of search feature in your wordpress site cool it would be isn’t it. So without wasting yourtime any more let me introduce...

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Add countdown to next post upcoming on your wordpress site

I was browsing a news site few days back where i got to see a very cool feature,they were displaying their users the information  of their upcoming post such as its title along with the time left for it to get published.I thought  the countdown idea was great way to let your users know exactly when to return back to the site for the new content. I searched for the ways to do that without any  code editing or in straight words i was searching for a plugin to accomplish this task,and the good news is i found one,though this...

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Adding a custom scrollbar to your wordpress site

Hello world, in my last post i told you how to add icons by the side of your navigation menu items like you see here on menu ,in this post i am gonna tell you how you can add a personalized “custom scrollbar” in your wordpress site. If you are using firefox you can notice the difference by seeing how i have used a scroll bar which matches the theme of my site here  on ,and if you are still  having no idea whats going on then just try switching the tabs and notice the difference in the...


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