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Adding letters from name as avatar in buddypress site

Hi everyone in my previous post i wrote bout how to show letters from the users name as thier avatars in your wordpress sites the method was feasible for bbpress sites as well but not for buddypress sites so this is the carry over post describing how you can  add letters from name as avatar in your buddypress site as well. Plugin to install BuddyPress First Letter Avatar BuddyPress First Letter Avatar is based on other plugin  WP First Letter Avatar. BuddyPress First Letter avatar is basically the same thing, but programmed to work with BuddyPress BuddyPress First Letter Avatar...

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Adding letters from name as avatar in wordpress site

Hi this is a small post showing how you can easily add custom avatars displaying the first alphabet from the name of your site members as there avatar if they don’t already have one,that means if (they have uploaded some picture as there avatar) { it will show that picture else it will display the first letter from there name as there avatar } You can also configure plugin to use any other letter to set custom avatar. WP First Letter Avatar includes a set of beautiful, colorful letter avatars in many sizes. Optimal size will be chosen by the...


MITM : Man In The Middle Attack Explained

Note:Before reading the post please see and read the info in the above picture once so that you get better understanding of what is explained below,the example used is just a test case. So recently a new vulnerability FREAK was discovered which allows hackers to launch man in the middle attack even on the connections which uses ssl/tsl for encryption. This is a supplementary post to explain what Mitm or man in the middle attack is. So here is one of the test scenario explaining the flow of the attack: Some legit user like you or me is browsing the...