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Lifecycle of an Hacker :The Attack Strategy

Today we are going to discuss about the strategy of an hacker or say his/her lifecycle of an attack.The world has changed alot since 90s and so does the attack strategy of an hacker previously the main purpose was to penetrate gain access steal data or do damage and elope but now things have changed ,the hackers of todays era tries to maintain there access and stay unnoticed as long as possible. So mainly there are four phases in the lifecycle of an hacking attack: Information Gathering Finding vulnerability & Gaining Access Maintaining Access Clearing Trackbacks There are 4 main...

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So Boys dont cry: Lets Think Twice !!!

The hard and fast rule Boys dont cry has always had a huge impact in the life of both men and women in long term and still remained unnoticed until now but not any more.Watch this really impacting short video with a very strong message to know more. The society has always asserted how shameful it is for a boy to cry. Time and time again, we are reminded that real men don’t cry. Girls cry. While emphasizing this pointless proposition, we forget what’s really important. There’s nothing wrong with crying. But there’s everything wrong with making someone cry. And...

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg in India Today: 1st Summit

Mark Zuckerburg is in India (Delhi), today for the first Summit. The summit supports’s efforts to accelerate connectivity in India by addressing a variety of barriers to internet access, including the lack of relevant local content and services. You can watch highlights of the keynote and follow along with updates from the summit in the video embed below. In a post on facebook he said: I’m in Delhi, India for our first Summit. Over the last year we’ve been working to overcome the major barriers preventing more than 4 billion people from connecting to the internet. We...

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Hackers & Hacking : Introduction to internet security

Ok so all you guys and girls reading out this article wanna be a hacker,well so do i (Ethical One) ,thus i have started this whole new series of articles which are based on every possible hacking tips tricks and terminologies present out there in this insecure interconnected world. First of all let me introduce you to the exact meaning of hacking,what according to you hacking is? The answers are few and obvious, Some of you would call it as the ability to gain access to your friends facebook  ,gmail,yahoo or any other social media account, Some would simply call it...


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